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Arthur Burt
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Arthur Burt
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This page is dedicated to random quotes and
stories from an 86 year old man who has been
walking with God since he was 15 -
Arthur Burt

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Arthur Burt and his wife Marj.
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Most of the quotes you will read here mean so much more if you know
the man or have read one of his books. He doesn't just have some
interesting insights into the word of God he has walked them out in his life.

Most of the people from my generation who I knew, loved, and esteemed
are gone. I have never been important in the eyes of men, never one of the
greats. If you ask me who I am, I will tell you. I am nobody, and the message
I bring today is that every somebody will now have to become nobody. We
must loose our identity in the body of Christ, because Father will not give his
glory to anybody but Christ.

One day, many years ago, God rebuked me for saying about a particular
expense, "I cannot afford it."

"If it is my will," He said, "you can afford it. If it is not my will, you shouldn't
want to afford it." I am grateful to the Lord because he does meet me in grace
and mercy."

I don't reject letters because the postman has mud on his trousers. Maybe
he has been out in the weather and is wet and muddy, not clean and tidy.
Maybe he isn't as smart as I would like him to be. Maybe he has crawled
through the fence and has torn his clothing. We don't reject the letters
because he is a mess. Obviously, we make a distinction between the message
and the messenger.

The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. One
of the wiles of the devil is to deceive you and me that he is still in business,
but Jesus put him out at Calvary. The devil seeks, by bluff, to make you put
him back into business. He can't do it, but you can.

An African brother who I knew had a compound for his cattle encircled with
spiked branches where the cows were safe from the lions. But one night, two
wily old lions got on the windward side of the compound and began to roar
and roar. They terrified the cows which began to mill around jostling one
another, until two of them were pushed through the barrier. The lions, who
could not get to the cows by the use of their claws, were able to get to the
cows by use of their roars. The cows believed the roar, which could do them
no harm, and by their own panic, fell prey to the claw.

Likewise, if you believe the devil's bluff, you give him power again which he
lost at Calvary. Our fight is a fight of faith. In this, we do not use our own
strength, but we look to Jesus who is the author and the finisher of our faith.
Our fight of faith is not a fight of our might but of being strong in the Lord
and the power of his might.

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